Established in 1982, McEntee Drilling Ltd are an Auckland-based DRILLING company that cover the entire Auckland region and whole of the North Island.

Trevor McEntee – Director

34 years experience horizontal earth drilling including thrusting, pit drilling, microtunnelling, directional drilling, pipecracking and pipe ramming. Started McEntee Drilling in 1982 with a self built thrusting machine, then moved into pit drilling. After 14 years solely pit drilling we bought our first directional drill and took on more employees. We have continually upgraded the directional drills every few years with the 2 current machines being the latest models from Astec.

Three main operators have all been trained by McEntee Drilling in directional drilling, pit drilling, some microtunnelling, vacuum loading and pipe cracking.They hold all applicable licenses, and are site safe, water care inducted and first aid level 1 certified.
They have been with McEntee Drilling for 16, 7 and 4 years respectably.
Other operators have 1 year experience each.